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Releasing Resistance and IBS

Releasing Resistance and IBS

Resistance isn’t always bad, in fact it can teach us crucial things about what isn’t working for us. However, when it gets in the way of allowing us to accept and move forward, it needs to be released.


This came to me when I purposely avoided creating intentions and that word is: release.


When it came to me it seemed perfect. Because I realize in the last year there are a lot of things that I need to release both emotionally and physically.


Everything we hold emotionally affects us physically.


When I say that, people often get nervous and optimistic if you’re holding [...]


How To Live Well With IBS

How To Live Well With IBS

I am well.


I heard this from Wayne Dwyer at 3 am on a night when I had turned on the TV because sleep just wasn’t happening.


Three simple words yet so powerful.


For people struggling with IBS the words “ I am well” don’t often cross your mind. But they should.


You see if you focus on “I am well” you take your attention off what is wrong with you.


Simple yet so hard.




Because were so used to seeing what’s wrong with our body and trying to fix it.


And no matter how hard we try we can’t control our body.


But we can control [...]


Money On The Mind, Part 1

Money On The Mind, Part 1

Money. Money. Money. I hear a lot of talk about it from my clients.


The funny thing is it’s never about the money; there is always something else lurking in the shadows.


Don’t get me wrong; I know money is essential to live. I grew up in a working class neighborhood and attended school in the inner city of Philadelphia; everyday I got glimpses of what life is like without money.


But for the majority of us who aren’t in that situation, money is an obstacle we feel we have to overcome in order to get what we want.


Have you ever said [...]


What’s Buzzing Around Your Head?

What’s Buzzing Around Your Head?

I was tempted to name this “attack of the killer bees”.  Then I thought that might be too dramatic.  As a child when there were bees buzzing around it did feel like attack of the killer bees. Feeling threatened I would always swat or do some other kind of frantic movement that just left me with not one, but usually many bee stings.


I felt threatened so I went into self-protection mode. The problem was my reaction intensified their reaction and still do at times) get caught up in a mind mess so heavy it does feel like bees buzzing [...]


Empowering Your Little Me

Empowering Your Little Me


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin


I realized recently that I was still carrying a piece of that in the bud person with in me. Though I have made huge strides over the last few years there was still the part of me who wanted to hide in the shadow. Avoid discomfort, conflict, or just plain speaking my mind.


The thing about that little bud, that “little part of me”, that I was carrying inside was that sometimes I relied on it [...]


How To Get The Answers

How To Get The Answers

Everyone is looking for the answer.


They want to know the best way to get a healthier body, a better mindset, a relationship, or a new job.


They believe the answer is eluding them somehow. They should know it by now.


That’s when I tell them: they do.


It’s in their body. It’s in all our bodies. We all have it in equal measure. It is our inner voice, our intuition, and our inner wisdom. Call it what you like: it’s a part of us that’s always there waiting to be listened to.


When I tell my clients that all they need to do [...]


Fixing Your Fa-La-La

Fixing Your Fa-La-La

It is definitely the time of year when we feel like everyone should be fa-la-laing and expect everyone to act accordingly.


Except they don’t.


And if you’re anything like me, you try to fix everything just right so everything feels good.


But you can’t.


That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned about the holidays and robs you of the present moment. It also doesn’t allow you to accept people for exactly what they are.


Way back, probably in your childhood, you learned if you tried really hard you could fix a situation and make everyone feel better. You may remember it [...]


The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude


Whether you are having a challenging day, month or year the quickest and small. And no matter how small it is, it still counts!


My Gratitude List


Big Stuff:


My husband friends.


All of my clients and readers of my blog.


My health.


My home.



Small Stuff:


Morning walks with the dog.


Slipping into bed with a good book.


My husband making dinner.


Finding just the right nail polish color.


Smile from a stranger.


Knowing that the answer may not be in front of me but it’s very close.


Staying in the moment.


Long showers.


Music of any kind.


Dancing with my dog.


Finding an amazing piece of art.


Hot cup of tea.


Super warm blanket.


Eat, Sleep, Read

Eat, Sleep, Read

I was walking around downtown Asheville, NC last week and don’t create the time for such a simple thing.

It’s funny when you think about it, because as a young child that is really what your life consisted of. Don’t you notice that kids have the best imaginations? They are full of fun and engaged in life.


When was the last time you felt that way?

For many of my clients it has been a long time. And even though they are beginning to create a path of change and read. We try so hard to get everything done just right, [...]