When You Find Yourself Trying to Fix Someone Else’s Anger

Do you know that trying to manage other people’s emotions has a damaging effect on your body?

If you find yourself people pleasing and stop allowing other peoples anger have an effect on you.

Your anger is not my problem.

For as long as I can remember I have had a highly attuned sense to people’s emotions. Between family and friends I have been around more than a fair share of angry people. What I didn’t realize is that I was part of the problem.

I tried to fix their anger because it made me uncomfortable. This fixing behavior caused me boat loads of grief, as I constantly searched for ways to avoid being uncomfortable around somebody else’s anger.

No more. It’s not responsibility, its not my problem.

I am going keep traveling down my road of peace and I don’t have to take everyone else along.

Your inner state of being is your choice, not my job.

If you find yourself in fix it mode and are looking for ways to let go of that heavy load feel free to contact me at Laura@ibslifestyle.com , I can help:)


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