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Traveling Fearlessly With or Without IBS

Traveling Fearlessly With or Without IBS

I love to travel. I always have. Though it was stressful for me, I did it anyway. For me the thrill of a new adventure, seeing a new place, and being out of my comfort zone intrigued me so much that it far outweighed my fear.


But it wasn’t easy.


I did learn ways to adapt. I was always pretty good with taking flights, that didn’t seem to bother me. It was hours after the flight and eating travel food that I noticed tightness and pain in my stomach. I would check the hotels I was staying at to make sure [...]


IBS Thanksgiving Survival Guide: Five Ways to Create a Healthy and Happy Holiday

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It’s not easy having IBS during Thanksgiving. Besides the fact that you are inundated with tons of different foods you are also eating in different social situations and although we love our families sometimes being with our families can be stressful. These two things combined make a bad combination for people suffering with IBS and can turn the “holiday” into a “hellday”. However, it doesn’t have to be that way,  there are things you can do to enjoy this plentiful time.
If your goal is to experience a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day here are the top five things I do [...]

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