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Laura is a warm, intelligent, and I’m betting you will too.

Martha Beck, PhDAuthor of Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and O! Magazine Monthly Columnist
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You held a safe place and helped me feel more comfortable in my body.

Gail KennyTrinidad, CA

Laura was a gift from my daughter, literally. She thought the session would help me get through the barrage of interviews I had recently been on, but not getting the job. After years of therapy, books and was dealing with my new life fairly well. What I learned during that first hour was that my mind was not “clean.” My own thoughts were preventing me from having the career I had worked so hard to acquire.

Thus the work with Laura started. What I learned in those 6 weeks is that I allow past behaviors to interfere with present actions. Therapy had helped me to understand guide you to a new level of self awareness.

I find myself quoting her words as though they were my own thoughts anding the job I had always wanted. Am I done? Not just yet! The onion is still being peeled as I continue to work with Laura. I’m just glad she’s cooking with me!!!

Elizabeth ReveizNY

I admit that I was apprehensive to work with a coach at first, but once we got started that apprehension went right away. I am reminded with every session as to how intuitive, genuine, and is like a light-bulb moment. I am always glad we have had our session – even when they are emotionally or mentally challenging. Laura has really helped me through one of the toughest times in my life – I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone of her caliber.

Melisa SharpeLos Angeles

Laura is a naturally insightful and supportive space for exploring the most sensitive issues. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about creating a happier life. She is a fabulous coach!

TheresaMesa, AZ

Laura’s approach to identifying and enjoy my current life.


Amazing what coaching can actually do to the mind. I described the invigorating feeling to my husband takes away the pressure of instant gratification.

Erin PelhamOttawa