Turning Panic Into Power

Sometimes it takes the wrong thing to happen for you to understand what you need to do.

In the past my typical response to a glitch in the plan was to panic. I  would worry about what I was going to do now and holding on too close to certainty.

I made some big moves lately, the kind that are life-changing and had a plan of how to ease into a transition, but when I got into the transition things didn’t go as planned. Something happened beyond my control which forced me to make tweeks to what I thought would be a perfect situation. It also involved some unexpected minor health issues at a moment when that was definitely the last thing I need. I thought I was beyond all that.

What I learned once again is you can’t control everything and you can’t label things as the wrong thing happened. Because there is something right in them.

Sometimes a glitch in your plan gives you what you need.

When I look at the bigger picture I realize this was actually a gift, that led me to a new space that was beautiful and fear of the unknown I realized right now was exactly perfect. And anything about it that was not, was just temporary.

So stop focusing on what’s going wrong and find what’s going right.

Here are some examples:

You didn’t cure your illness overnight, but met some great friends and support that are bringing positive influences in your life.

You didn’t meet your business goal 100%, but you made more money than you did the month before.

Your romantic getaway with your beloved became far less romantic and much more stressful, but you found a new way of communicating.

See what happens when you turn what’s going wrong into what’s going right?

You now have power.

And in that power you can create the changes you’re looking for. Forcing and over trying are never going to get you want you really want, but learning how to turn wrong into right will.

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