Learn How to Understand What Your Body Is Telling You

Let’s face it everyone tries to control something in their lives. Whether it is their emotions, thoughts, or bodies, we all strive to present ourselves a certain way.

Although this website is called IBS Lifestyle, I don’t work only with people who have IBS, I work with people who are experiencing stress in all areas.

How can I do that? Because regardless of the source of stress the outcome is always be the same. If getting what you want in life feels hard it’s because you are putting added stress on yourself.

Most importantly you’re not listening to your body, which results in an imbalance in your life. In my experience this is comes from being the “good girl”. You may present yourself in the world as a confident well put together person but internally you feel you’re not achieving what you want in your work, health, and life. The results you are getting are so far from what you want. If this is the case I can help you too.

If you are suffering with IBS or other digestive disorders, here’s how I can help you:

Do you want relief from the emotional and physical pain of IBS while creating a healthier lifestyle?

Have you tried everything from drugs to diet to lifestyle changes to help you cope with the symptoms of IBS… And nothing works?

Do you know you need something different but aren’t sure exactly what that is?

Despite being told the same thing for years, are you seeking an answer and ready to take action?

I’ve been there too.

In my search to live a healthier and mental way of living.

In order to begin your own personal journey to wellness there are three areas of your well-being that need to be addressed:

  •  recognizing the affect of your mind on how your body responds to stress in your environment
  •  connecting with your body and releasing emotional triggers
  •  understand nutrition

These three things are key in helping you release yourself from the anxiety, pain, and discomfort that come from living with IBS.

It is all about creating your own map of how to lead a healthy and experimentation. And it’s always helpful to have a guide.

That’s where I come in. I know what it’s like to live with IBS and not be held back by IBS symptoms.

I invite you to take your first steps toward listening to your body and freeing your mind from mental patterns that aren’t helping you get any better. You have everything you need to get your body on track, now it’s time to make the decision to start on the journey to take back your life.

Please take action now and sign up (in the top right corner) to get your free gift today!

The IBS Manifesto will give you some simple strategies to promote better mental health and can’t wait to meet you as part of my community! I know when you take this first step that you will be on your way to a whole new, better way of living!

With much love,


** The information on this site is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure IBS or any other illness. It is meant to be used for stress reduction purposes only.

When You Find Yourself Trying to Fix Someone Else’s Anger

When You Find Yourself Trying to Fix Someone Else’s Anger

Do you know that trying to manage other people’s emotions has a damaging effect on your body?

If you find yourself people pleasing and stop allowing other peoples anger have an effect on you.

Your anger is not my problem.

For as long as I can remember I have had a highly attuned sense to people’s emotions. Between family and friends I have been around more than a fair share of angry people. What I didn’t realize is that I was part of the problem.

I tried to fix their anger because it made me uncomfortable. This fixing behavior caused me boat loads of [...]