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Creating Less IBS Stress and More Fa La La for the Holidays

Creating Less IBS Stress and More Fa La La for the Holidays

Do you find yourself trying really hard to be perfect during the holidays?


Are you pushing yourself to feel jolly to make it a great holiday for family and friends?


If you answered yes to either of those questions take a moment and see how your body really feels about creating the perfect holiday.


Grab pen and spend some time with these questions:


Are your IBS symptoms more severe this time of the year?


Write down what you are thinking anding your body’s response can help you change some patterns that may not be serving you.


Do you find yourself pushing away negative emotions [...]


Fixing Your Fa-La-La

Fixing Your Fa-La-La

It is definitely the time of year when we feel like everyone should be fa-la-laing and expect everyone to act accordingly.


Except they don’t.


And if you’re anything like me, you try to fix everything just right so everything feels good.


But you can’t.


That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned about the holidays and robs you of the present moment. It also doesn’t allow you to accept people for exactly what they are.


Way back, probably in your childhood, you learned if you tried really hard you could fix a situation and make everyone feel better. You may remember it [...]