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Letting Go of Normal

Letting Go of Normal


I spent a lot of time in the last two years wishing my life could go back to normal. Some days I longed for normal so badly that it made me cry. It wasn’t that I was just in pain from being injured in an accident; it was the frustration that I could no longer do some of the things that were normal to me.


In my career as a mind-body coach I watch people long for normal all the time. Many of my current clients suffer from IBS or digestive disorders. They talk often about wanting a normal life. [...]


How To Live Well With IBS

How To Live Well With IBS

I am well.


I heard this from Wayne Dwyer at 3 am on a night when I had turned on the TV because sleep just wasn’t happening.


Three simple words yet so powerful.


For people struggling with IBS the words “ I am well” don’t often cross your mind. But they should.


You see if you focus on “I am well” you take your attention off what is wrong with you.


Simple yet so hard.




Because were so used to seeing what’s wrong with our body and trying to fix it.


And no matter how hard we try we can’t control our body.


But we can control [...]


4 Easy Ways to End Pressure and Get IBS Relief

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How many times have you heard people say they perform best under pressure?  In our society the idea that applying pressure to a situation will reap the best results is very prevalent. It’s such a part of our psyche that we do it subconsciously. For many of us it’s a part of life, basically second nature.


For most people with IBS when the pressure increases so does the IBS symptoms. For years I put tons of pressure on myself without noticing how intensely it was affecting my digestive problems.


I just thought pressure was a natural part of life.


I’m not here [...]

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