It's an Inside Job

We are a society of quick fixes and that it is a process.

The truth of the matter lies in looking at yourself. That’s the hardest part. Clients will come to me wanting to know what tests they can take to be told exactly what they should do and will save them a lot of time. The problem with that thinking is how you respond to a test may tell you what you are good at, but will never tell you what you really want. The people who have reached high levels of success have done so by following a gut instinct that told them to pursue an idea, not because a piece of paper said this is what they would be good at.

Back to the looking at yourself part. Whether you have just entered the workforce or have been doing the same job for years successfully and there. The problem is that our mind is so focused on the “now” that we dismiss or ignore it all together. Part of that avoidance is because we are afraid to jump into the fire. This idea is based on my coach mentor Martha Beck’s term “Ring of Fire”, which is the process of disbelieving false ideas that are causing us discomfort.

We know what we want in our careers but we are afraid to jump into the fire for all kinds of reasons. We need a job that is secure, that is low risk, that gives us all the goodies that the advertisers say successful people should have. The problem is we are spending our days doing something we dislike. Can you imagine how much money you could make if you did something you actually did like? But our brains are not wired to think that way. Our survival mode of thinking keeps us in place and effort.

How do you do this? You can start by making a list of all the things you would love to do if there was absolutely no limitation based on money or circumstances. Then look at the list and come back to it later. Over time you will become more clear on what you really want.

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