How a Coach Can Assist in Achieving Goals

     I often hear: “If I am the boss, why would I need a coach?” Even the boss could benefit from a different perspective when creating goals and discusses how to approach the problem”. So it’s not about the coach being on the same playing field as you, it’s about being able to give you perspective you might not have otherwise. It’s about having someone to assist in recognizing different approaches to problems that might not be evident on the surface.

     Coaching can help in a myriad ways and entrepreneurs look at the specific thought process which may contribute to less than ideal working situations.

      Entrepreneurs and accountability group. Who couldn’t benefit from that?

      I currently have groups for entrepreneurs who are just beginning to build a new business? Do you feel excited yet overwhelmed about how to get it all done? Learn how to build your business one goal at a time and private online forum. Participants will get one on one coaching during the group coaching call throughout the six week group class.

     The accountability factor is what makes these goal setting groups so successful. If you are serious about making your goals a reality, these groups are a perfect setting to develop plans and be supported by a positive people. If you are interested in information or signing up for these groups, please visit or e-mail

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