Why Connection Is Important For IBS Relief

Like everyone else who saw the news on Monday afternoon, I was completely shocked at what happened at the Boston Marathon. I felt sadness for the families who lost loved ones. I also found myself feeling anxious and had to rush through the streets that were full of debris from the fallen buildings. We had friends who lost family members that day. At that time we also lived in the area of New Jersey in which the anthrax mail attack happened. I remember clearly being fearful when opening up my mailbox.


I could clearly relate to what people are going through. Though not having friends or close family there, I did feel a little removed from it or so I thought.


The night after hearing the news I had a hard time sleeping and I had a stomachache. Since that doesn’t happen too often to me anymore I thought it must’ve been something I ate.


The day after the attack I tried to resume my normal work routine, but I couldn’t figure out why I was distracted. I tried to focus on all the things that I had to get done, but it just wasn’t working.


Then I did what always works best for me, I laid down and everyone wanted a sense of connection.


It’s clued me in to the fact that what I needed right now was to connect. It had become my pattern to disconnect when I was stressed or unhappy. I thought if I just ignored my feelings they would go away. So I made the decision to call a friend and felt much better.


I see so many people who are suffering from IBS makeup and they don’t feel comfortable moving forward to create the change that their body needs.


They don’t realize that creating a sense of connection with both their bodies and people around them can create huge shifts in their life.


I know what you’re thinking: no one understands what I’m going through.


Maybe they don’t.


That’s when you need to stretch a little further in your life and find that they seem to be a place where people just post about their gripes but don’t really offer the true sense a connection to one another.


Whether it is because they don’t think they can feel better or they don’t want to make an effort, is not really important. What is important is they are missing out on the one thing that has been scientifically and mentally.


In that spirit of caring, giving and physical health.


I’d like to ask for your help in this, I’d love to hear what you feel you would need and how you would like to share about your journey.


So feel free to comment and share with a friend too :-)

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