What To Do When Everyone Says No

There was a time in my life when I really cared about what everyone thought and safe thing for me.

It’s only natural. The brain was doing its job of making associations and doing what you love.

The first time I felt a shift in my thinking was when I heard my coach mentor, Martha Beck, talk about “everybody”. Your “everybody” is a small group of people (typically 5 or 6) who have large opinions about the right way to be, act, and think in the world. And when this group tells you no you believe it.

When you get an inkling that you might want to change careers or start a business, you will most like hear the “everybody” voices. And when you actually say what you want to do out loud, you may hear a lot of this coming from everybody’s mouth. At times, you may fall back into believing that the “no” you are hearing is an undeniable truth.

The trick is learning to recognize that it’s just the” everybody” voice. Then finding a group of your own “everybody” that supports what you are doing. At first these people may be imaginary and author of “Good to Great” attribute it to their own success. When you start going for what you want, your real world support system will grow.

When I was leaving my job and focus on you. Do the things that make you feel good; make the career decisions that work for you. In the end, you may notice a ripple effect of others allowing themselves to follow their own path

If you are still exploring what your “yes” is you can try this out at work. Notice the no’s without reacting, then keep working towards your yes by focusing on doing things a little differently. It’s the small things at first. Making these small shifts will open you up to larger ideas: like what your next big step is.

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