The Power of Choice

     We typically live our lives in one of two ways: living a life that is dictated by unending responsibilities or living in a world that is full of abundant choices that we create. People are often shocked to find that these two places exist in the same universe. They question the fact that we have a choice because there are some things we just have to do.


      The biggest shift happened in my life was when I learned the power of choice. Sure we may not want to do certain things like taking out the trash or even going to work. But the simplest acts like taking out the trash are a matter of choice. You could choose to never take out your trash and live in filth. You choose to do it because you want to live a clean healthy life. I know plenty of women who aren’t fond of cooking but do it because they want their children to eat healthy food. The end result of that act is very important to them so it makes the choice feel better.


    So how does this relate to something like your career? You need to make money after all. Even if you dislike your job, you are going to work everyday for a myriad of reasons. You chose to work to pay for your home and your family will get the care they need. When you look at these things as choices, not obligations it takes the power out of the thought that you are stuck in your job.


     You may get to a point, as I did, where you have to examine those choices and was guaranteed a job, but no choice in where I could work or moving up the career ladder.


      I had already been on the path of evaluating my choices and then make a choice.


    The fact of the matter is I did have a choice. I could work there forever on their terms and have accepted anything that comes from it. When you realize the power of choice, the abundance of possibilities that you create are endless. Think about the choices you are making: do they feel self empowering or imprisoning?

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