Navigating New Beginnings for Better Health

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Happy almost end of summer :-) In the past the end of summer was very sad for me because it felt like an ending. This summer feels very different to me because it’s like a whole new beginning.

As many of you know, the last two years have been quite difficult for me. But they led to great things like a greater focus on health and learning how to use my emotions in ways that can benefit my life in positive ways.

They’ve also led to great people and experiences that may not have happened had my life not changed in the way that it did.

It has taught me a great deal about going with the flow and family were shocked, but to me it feels like second nature.

Though the stress of something new can throw people off, my body has reacted in exactly the opposite way. I’m feeling better day by day and your body follows.

You don’t have to go all out and let go of the things that don’t feel good or right for your life or your health.

There’s a simple way to get started. I remember when I started life coach training they introduced us to the game of hot and cold you begin to develop new skill within yourself of recognizing what you truly want which gives you more confidence to follow that towards your dreams, creating a new life, creating a better career, or creating better health.

It all begins with a simple question does it feel hot or cold.

Here’s an example:

You are considering a job change. You notice your mind is excited about it, but your body feels tense and interacting with people at the job.

Ask yourself: does this feel hot which denotes excitement and increased energy or does it feel cold which makes you feel removed from that inner sense of excitement?

Recognizing the role that emotions play and start to make positive changes in your health  it also helps you make decisions with a greater sense of confidence

Keep going back to that and changes that are right for you.

2 Comments on Navigating New Beginnings for Better Health

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Things are sometimes the shackles we place in our lives so that it restricts us from having the peace we always seek. we treat things, those inanimate objects, as though they were people that need to be honored and kept. instead they should be treated as temporary possessions and places that hold our spirit and express our creativity. Who you are is not in our homes or possessions they are in our hearts in souls. So for now Laura your spirit has no physical representation what a gift cause you are allowing your spirit to grow unincumbered, free and ready to create a new window dressing!
    I love the hot and cold exercise and of course it came at a perfect time for me. That is no coincidence! your words continue to inspire me. your candor is a fresh breath that encourages me to reflect and remember we are free, born free, die free its the hinges we surround ourselves with that hold us down…..if we allow them to! continued good health my friend.

    • Laura says:

      Wow Elizabeth that was so beautifully said! I love the freedom you express here, it is so true that it is our own hinges that keep us down. And thank you for your wish of good health to me, I am sending you the same :)

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