Is Perfectionism Gnawing Away at Your Success?

Is your perfectionism stand full of great ideas, but they falter when making steps towards turning their ideas into actions or even sharing their ideas at the workplace. Their biggest fears lie in making mistakes that they believe will lead to criticism. A mistake, whether big or small, equals failure in their mind. Their perfectionism is literally holding them back.

Is holding a high standard for achievement,” he notes. “Maladaptive perfectionism is an external concern – wondering what other people are going to think. It’s kind of a thinking habit: ‘I made a mistake there.’ ‘Someone will notice I didn’t do that right.’**

If you have a strong internal drive and this will affect your sense of well being.

Obviously we all want to feel good about the work we do. If you want to change your perception and create a healthy internal drive, here are some suggestions:

  • Focus on your mission. Ask yourself, what is it you are trying to accomplish? Make sure this accomplishment comes from you, not what you think will be impressive to others.
  • Create daily routines/habits that bring you closer to achieving your goal.
  • Ask yourself what you did each day to reach it.
  • Focus on what actions felt good to you. Your mind may start chattering about the funny look someone gave you or the spelling error your boss found; just let the thoughts come and go. Come back to the parts you feel good about.
  • Choose how you want to see yourself; we are all given that choice. It can be as simple as creating three adjectives to describe the quality of work you will produce each day. Frame your intentions and what you produce will reflect the thoughts you put into it.

If you have been weighed down by perfectionism fueled by external forces, it will take some time and fulfilled.

**Source: Miller-McCune Article, January 28, 2010

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