Are You Giving Up or Giving In?

We all have our share of challenges over the course of our lives. What I have learned from my clients that successfully transition themselves in moments of challenge is that they understand giving in.


I used to think I had to give up and giving in were the same thing.


Then I realized that I don’t have to give up to give in. It’s actually the complete opposite


You need to give in to heal a wound, accept a situation, or make a big change in your life.


Giving in doesn’t mean compromising your values, staying in bed depressed, or deciding you can’t have your dream.

Giving in means accepting what is, allowing the present to happen, and giving up resistance.


These are probably three of the most difficult things my clients try to accomplish whether they are suffering from IBS or dealing with career stress.




Because doing those things three things means we have to give up a part of the ourselves that has helped us thus far in our lives and it’s scary.


But when you allow yourself the courage and confidently towards your goal.


Resistance is a heavy weight to bear. When you release resistance and careers becomes much easier.



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