The Secret to Feeling Good



It seems that everyone is looking to find something to make them feel good.


This came to mind when I heard how many people are reading 50 Shades of Gray. I’m not against people reading 50 Shades of Gray but it seems like people are looking for something make themselves feel good and take them away from what’s in front of them.


You can find the feel good place any time without having to hide in you closet reading a book that you don’t want you kids or husband to know about.


My clients ask: so you want me to meditate? It’s not about meditating or breathing or doing something that you feel like is a forced thing to do. It’s about going towards what feels good.


Many of us have had traumatic experiences in our lives that we’ve dealt with in one way or another.


Many times we look for distractions or get into a pattern of mental stress that helps us avoid what we’re really feeling.


I’m always fascinated when I hear successful people talk about how they dealt with traumatic things. I heard an interview with Tyler Perry, my favorite film producer and full of laughs at the same time.


He talks about getting through the trauma of being abused by his father by going to the place that makes you feel good.  For Perry it was the place of writing; it was natural because it felt like a place that he had gone as a child to feel better.


It’s not about reading a book or watching a movie to escape to find that feel good place it’s about finding a place within. It’s where you soul is talking to you.


Maybe you’re creating a memoir, song, or poem.


Maybe you’re doing something as simple as sitting in nature.


Maybe it’s having an actual romantic moment with your partner instead of reading about it.


It’s about you and who you are.


Having this healthy feel good place enables you to live a successful healthy life regardless of the IBS, Crohn’s, or anxiety you are experiencing. When you can do that everything becomes easier. Note I didn’t say everything goes away and you can live with whatever the symptom or circumstance may be in that particular moment.


Here’s that interview with Tyler if you’re interested and if your an Ellen Show fan you’ll particularly like this because she’s interviewing him. Watch all the way through, the laughs are at the end :)



2 Comments on The Secret to Feeling Good

  1. Hi Laura,

    Love this. It’s great to find that feel good place inside.

    • Laura says:

      Hey Carol I’m glad you enjoyed it:-) I’m sure you get a great job helping people find that place too :-)

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