The Importance of Good Advice

     Advice is a tricky thing for most of us, whether we are giving or receiving it. We often seek out advice from others, but its questionable how many of us actually take the advice we are given. I was reminded of how important advice can be while reading the July 6, 2009 issue of Forbes magazine. The issue focused on influential leaders in various professions and careers forever”.

     Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and use advice to create positive change in their lives.

     Some of the other advice that various industry leaders noted as their best advice include: set realistic goals; be effective, not popular; hire a coach; make a strong first impression; keep it simple; andle obstacles has a real impact on how far you get in the professional world.

      To a certain degree, notions like keeping it simple and evaluate your own goals. Do you refine your goals often to match your success? Have you let failure stop you from achieving a goal?

      When you start to evaluate your goals and the importance of good advice.

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