Self-Mastery: How To Be Resilient In The Workplace

     Do you have self-mastery? Self-mastery means that you feel competent to make your way in the world knowing you can hand need to learn.

     In her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck, PhD has studies that show when children are told they’re brilliant, they start looking at effort as a sign of inadequacy, thereby causing emotional stress. When things get difficult at school, they can’t hand using them to create a framework for success in your endeavors. So, do you have self mastery? Can you make it through the turbulence of the career world? Maybe it’s time to create your own game plan that will allow you to make your way smoothly through your professional endeavors.

    I found myself needing a new game plan last summer when I found myself in an adobe photo shop class. I had taken a photo shop course in college, but that was 11 years ago and a heard a classmate laugh quietly. “Oh my god” I thought “I am a total moron; everybody has this figured out but me.” My negative self talk prevented me from retaining anything during the rest of that class.

      I went home predicting doom and learn it, I did. At class the following week I understood it so well I was actually helping my classmates, who were finally revealing their confusion as well. It turns out that giggle I heard when I announced my confusion in the previous class was actually an agreement, not a judgment. We were all in the same state of confusion trying to follow a fast paced instructor.

    What did I take away from this? That your attitude determines your outcome. When I realized that my weakness was a technical one, I used my strength as a researcher to over come my feelings of self defeat. Self mastery is not being used solely by individuals; corporations are implementing it in their leadership training programs as well. Senior managers and stress at the workplace.

      So maybe you need to take a look at those strengths and personal life.

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