Is It Really A Failure? Tell Your Story Backwards

     Mistakes? How do you perceive them? Do you avoid them or learn from them? How you react to life circumstances that seem like mistakes? Your responses to these questions tell a lot about your approach towards success. I have not come across a successful person yet who did not have their fair share of mistakes and how you respond to failure often leads to the next, bigger, better, success. Afraid to fail? Avoid it all costs? You are actually not serving yourself well because you are denying yourself experiences that can move you towards success.

      As I mentioned in the past I am a recovering perfectionist andstill for many years. If you follow the fear, it becomes a pattern. But patterns, like habits, can be changed.

     So how did I change the pattern? I learned to tell my story backwards. It sounds strange, but has unbelievable results.  I started looking at situations in my life I was pleased with. Then I traced those situations as far back as possible and surrending to the defeat will just leave you stuck which leads to frustration or worst yet, sitting on the sidelines just waiting for life to get better.

     So I already hear the cynics, of which I once was, looking for the proof. A few years ago I picked up the book “Rich Woman”, written by Kim Kiyosaki, business partner and personal life, because when you do push past it the outcome feels like pure freedom. 

     Cathie Black, Hearst Magazines CEO, wrote a book called “

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