Following Your Own Path To Success

    We are told from early childhood “just to be ourselves”. It’s the solution for everything from meeting new friends to getting a job. The ironic thing is that most likely very few of us are actually being ourselves. A large portion of people in the United States are all about keeping up with the Jones’. You just have to look at the mortgage crisis and know as unique individuals.

     A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to Michele Woodward, Master Certified Coach and life endeavors. She mentioned the phrase “Be Your Own Buddha”, meaning follow your own path. 

     When starting a business or a new career, remember to stay clear of idol worship of those who precede you, they offer a lot of guidance, but you need to be clear on your own knowledge, worth, and just blindly following it.

     Once I looked at the world in this seeker vs. accepter view, I could see it playing itself out all around us. Most recently it made me think of Michael Jackson. Though he may have been wildly eccentric at times, he really did become his own Buddha. As the youngest in his family he could have followed the others in the family and open to it when it comes”. So while others are seeking, he had the confidence to know that when it came he would know exactly what to do with it.

     This technique doesn’t just work with rock stars; it works with anyone who becomes clear about their knowledge. I was coaching a client last week. There are times when you just know where a client needs to go to find the greatest relief and breakthrough.

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