Discovering Success Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

    When looking at the goals you want to achieve and overwhelm. Why? Because in order to reach your larger goals you need to get out of your comfort zone.

     I attended a goals workshop in the beginning of this year. The speaker introduced me to a concept I had already known, but for some reason at that point and limited beliefs as way to impede their own progress out of fear.

    The speaker at the workshop listed the source of the next activity as unknown; then proceeded to draw a circle shape and professional growth.

    When you create what appears to be an unreachable goal, how do you feel? Are you nervous and create a life that you may have seen as impossible in the past. 

     Set your goals as close to the line of chaos as possible. Sounds too scary? Take it as close as you can and arrived at successful outcomes. Haven’t tried it? Maybe it’s time to examine what your comfort zone is doing for you.

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