Creating A Healthy Life With IBS

How much time every day do you focus on your IBS?


Are you thinking about it all the time?


I know it’s hard not to, with your stomach acting all kinds of crazy and worrying if you’ll make it through the next meeting for class.


But what we focus on expands.


I know I’m not saying this is all in your mind and your creating yourself.


But I am saying placing your focus somewhere else can help you get through that next hour.


When you begin to worry about your symptoms move your thoughts to another place your body feels good: your pinky or even your kneecap. Anywhere that just feels like it’s functioning normally. You’ll notice that your bodies actually functioning in discomfort and comfort the same time.


Then start thinking about some things that you’d like to do that have nothing at all to do with IBS.

If your mind wanders to whether something you ate that day is bothering you or if you should try new diet or if you’ll ever be able to sit through a movie again: Try to flip your focus.


Think about something you’d like to do. Did you always dream of running a marathon? Did you want to take a trip abroad? Do you simply want to try the new French restaurant and enjoy every bite?


Setting goals for yourself is the fastest way to get to what you really want.  Yes there are things that you need to do to heal and they may include medication, changing your diet or other lifestyle changes. But after you’ve done all that let it go. Create a goal for yourself that feels really good. Something you dreamed about doing but never thought that you’d be able to. Create little steps each day or week to meet that goal. They could be as small as walking three blocks. Or planning a two or three hour trip to the nearby town. Maybe trying out a few bites of some French food to get you excited about going to the restaurant.


It really is the small stuff that gets us to the big goal. If you’re caught up in focusing on all the big symptoms you’re feeling every day you’ll never begin on the small steps you need to take to feel better and live a happier healthier life.


Need more ideas about setting goals and Get IBS Relief.

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