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Why Failure is Good and Experimenting is Even Better

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In my daily search for interesting opinions there was one article that really stood out to me this week. It was entitled “Visualize Failure” by Peter Bregman of the Harvard Business Review. It caught my eye because an article promoting failure is the last thing you would expect from a school that has educated some of the most successful people in the world. Even the idea itself of expecting failure seems so contrary to everything we learn from childhood to adulthood. However, in it’s simplicity it makes perfect complete sense.

In the article Bregman is discussing a kayaking trip in [...]

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The Secret of Effective Decision Making

The Secret of Effective Decision Making

     In the last month I have been focusing on the advice we get from others and how when you listen to good advice it can have great effects on your career. Then books I have wanted to read about intuition finally made their way into my hands and it became clear to me that so many people don’t take the advice they are given from the most important people in their lives: themselves. In our society, intuition can be perceived as bordering on odd because images of fortune tellers appear when most people hear this word. In its purest [...]