Add Luck To Your Career Action Plan

I had an interesting session with a client this week. He is at the very beginning stages of figuring out what his next career will be. He had all kinds of stories about why several careers he had considered in the past would not have worked. There were stories of low pay, no recognition of effort, no security, too many hours, and potential.

    When I looked at his list of jobs and an open mind.

    In his book, “The Luck Factor”, Richard Wiseman, PhD says, “Luck is not a magical ability or gift from the gods. Instead, it is a way of thinking and the other 90 percent is “defined by the way we think”. 

     Dr.Wiseman created an experiment with two subjects who were placed in an identical setting not knowing that the people around them were actors. The setting was a coffee shop. The first subject walked towards the door of the coffee shop and went about the rest of her day. In the same situation, two different actions created two different outcomes.   

     Though you may not hit a jack pot every time, the more you are open to situations, people, and realize every interaction contains something new, even if it is just in that moment. But the more moments you have like that, the more you are increasing your chances of getting “lucky”.

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