Achieving Happiness By Challenging Limitations

     In recent blogs, I’ve discussed the idea of turtle steps with my readers. Turtle steps is the idea of breaking your goals into very small “doable” achievable pieces. Pieces so small they are easy to accomplish, but each step leads to a very big goal getting completed. Some of my clients have resistance to this idea, they want it all and they want it very quickly. When the “all” doesn’t happen quickly, they are frustrated.

     Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Penelope Przekop discuss her book “Aberrations”. I read the book and was working as well as finishing a master’s degree during this time period, so she had to put the book aside for a period of time. 

     This is a prime example of what I have been trying to share with my clients: it doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time and small, but if you keep a clear vision of the endgame, you can achieve your ultimate goals. 

     “Aberrations” is the story of a girl named Angel Duet, who suffers from narcolepsy. Besides having this life altering disability, she is also experiencing difficulty growing up without a mother and hides behind her narcolepsy, instead of facing her limiting beliefs about human relationships.

      The story evolves from Angel’s painful past, into a discovery of truths about her life and is something we all struggle with, it takes work. But if you don’t get some clarity on the limitations you’ve created, you will bring those beliefs into all areas of your life.

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